VIP Group – Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions contain all the terms of agreement between VIP Sports Limited (Trading as VIP Group) (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Ourselves”) and yourself (“You”, “Your”, “Yourself”).

VIP Group has added an additional name to its branding namely Redefined by VIP Group. All contracts governed by the FCA and BVLRA remain conducted through VIP Group, which is a trading name of VIP Sports Limited.


We offer two separate services. One is the sourcing of a vehicle and the second is the sourcing of financial products and services. Should You seek to enter into contracts for the services mentioned previously with Us; all products and services would be tailored to Your circumstances and requirements. 


VIP Group is a trading style of VIP Sports Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 649207). VIP Sports Limited is registered in Wales (No. 08272193) Registered Address: VIP Sports Limited, Highdale House, 7 Centre Court, Main Avenue, Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd, CF37 5YR. Business Premises: VIP Group, Cardiff Marine Village, Penarth Road, Cardiff, CF11 8TU.



  • VIP Group use a number of industry leading funding suppliers to provide pricing. 


  • The prices advertised are an amalgamation of the best prices, at a point in time, from those funding suppliers, for the vehicles specified on the terms shown. 


  • Each funder has specific financial and operational criteria requirements for every type of service and price offered, these requirements will be different from all other funding suppliers and their requirements. 


  • These requirements may also be different from an individual funder on a price by price basis and therefore a client may not be qualified for every quote from an individual funder. 


  • If You do not meet the requirements for any of the prices offered then We may have to offer You an alternative price for which You would meet the requirements. These prices could be from any one of the suppliers We use and is not limited to the supplier of the original price. Any new price offered in this situation may vary from the original one advertised.


  • Prices quoted for business leasing exclude VAT.


  • Prices quoted for personal leasing include VAT.


  • The VAT is set to the prevailing national rate at the time, should this rate change during the length of Your contract the payments will be adjusted accordingly.


  • Unless stated to the contrary the prices include,

Full UK mainland driven delivery. VIP Group reserve the right to pass on costs imposed on us by the franchised dealer to certain locations in the UK. Delivery on a trailer may be available at extra cost.


  • VIP Group reserve the right to withdraw a quotation before or after a vehicle is ordered by You. This may be because of, but shall not be limited to, changes in money costs, manufacturer’s prices or residual values. 


  • All prices and quotations are of a time sensitive nature, therefore if a client fails to accept or take up the quote within this time period VIP Group may have to re-quote a client. All new quotations may vary from the original price due to this change and VIP Group will not be held responsible for any loss or other damage caused by this change of quotation for this reason.


  • Pricing and images on the VIP Group website and Social Media are for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer by VIP Group which is capable of acceptance by You.




We are reliant on you the client to divulge any and all relevant information and circumstances that will affect the performance or suitability of any given quotation. Therefore we will not be held liable for any extra options required due to any circumstance or requirement you fail to adequately describe to us.




  • By returning the order form you are accepting these terms and conditions and agreeing to order your vehicle in accordance with these terms and conditions.



  • An order however does not create a contract between You and VIP Group. To form a contract, VIP Group must locate You a vehicle with Your desired specification at a price acceptable to both You and VIP Group. You must also enter into a financial agreement with a finance company. There is no contract to hire / purchase a vehicle until the finance agreement is signed by You and has become operational.


  • Following an acceptance by You of a quotation by Us, You will be prompted to complete a financial application form.


  • VIP Group accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions regarding vehicle model or specification, including any optional extras, if You have accepted the order and these terms and conditions. 


  • It is Your responsibility to check the vehicle You are ordering is correct.


  • Once all finance has been approved, a fee will be required to process Your order prior to the vehicle order being placed with the franchised dealer. This processing fee will be stated on Your quotation from us.


Financial Applications


  • By providing Your business and/or personal information to Us, You authorise Us to disclose this information and any other information We hold about You to one or more lenders for the purpose of considering Your finance application. You are also accepting the terms and conditions of the funder.


  • We rely on You to provide accurate information and relevant documentation.


  • If You are applying on behalf of a Limited Company, You are confirming You have the authority for a credit search to be carried out in the name of the Company and its Directors.


  • The finance company will use the information provided to carry out searches with Credit Reference Agencies. A record of this search will be kept and may be used by other lenders in assessing future applications from You or Your business. The finance company will make checks with various fraud prevention agencies to detect and prevent fraud.


  • You will provide any information required by the lender as a condition of their consideration of our finance application. Refusal to do so will result in Your finance application being declined.


Administration fee


VIP Group charge an administration fee of £299.99+VAT once your finance application has been approved.




VIP Group may at its absolute discretion require You to pay a deposit to the franchised dealer or funder prior to ordering. The amount of deposit required will vary depending on the specification and delivery lead time of the vehicle. Deposits will be paid directly to the relevant franchised dealer or funder.


Data Protection


Inline with General Data Protection Regulation 2018 changes we have introduced a new Privacy Policy.

This can be found on our website. It is also sent each time an enquiry is made into the business and alongside every order placed.

Telephone calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.


Third Party Authorisation


In certain circumstances You may require a Third Party to act on Your behalf. In this instance we will require written confirmation from You in the following format:


“In order for us to speak to ….. on your behalf we require written confirmation that you would like us to discuss your order. This will involve requesting correct proofs or identity, providing the third party with your order form and finance documents. Once the finance application has been completed with ……. We will need to discuss deposit payments as well as insurance details. If you are happy for us to proceed and speak with ….. on your behalf please confirm which parts of the process you authorise us to discuss”.




  • All documentation required by the finance company must be completed by You and returned to Us prior to the delivery of Your vehicle being arranged. 


  • If documentation is incorrectly completed and/or all supporting documents required by the finance company have not been viewed by VIP Group, delivery will also not be arranged.



  • Any outstanding monies owed to VIP Group must be paid and cleared by You before delivery will be arranged.


  • Delivery timescales are an indication only. Whilst We endeavor to meet any timescale quoted, We will not be liable for any compensation arising out of a delay to Your vehicle due to factors out of Our control.


  • The statutory cooling off period observed by finance companies applies to all vehicles and as such, vehicles will not be delivered until the cooling off period has expired.


  • We may require proof of insurance subject to finance company rules. You must be a named driver or main policy holder on the insurance certificate.



If You wish to cancel Your vehicle order prior to delivery You must do so in writing. 




VIP Group use a panel of carefully selected dealerships and finance providers from which VIP Group receive a commission.


Complaints Procedure


VIP Group aim to provide the highest standard of service to all of Our clients. If however there is an occasion where You are disappointed with service provided by Us We would like to know. 

A full copy of Our client complaints procedure is available on request. 

If You wish to complain You can write to: Jessica Thomas, VIP Group, Penarth Road, Cardiff Marine Village, Penarth Road, Cardiff CF11 8TU.


Unresolved disputes may be referred to the BVRLA by either the customer or the member involved. 


Details should be submitted online at making-a-complaint-adr.html If the customer does not have access to the internet, details can be sent by post to: British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association River Lodge, Badminton Court Amersham, HP7 0DD The BVRLA will aim to resolve the matter using the information presented by both parties to the dispute. 

Any information requested from the member should be sent to the BVRLA within five working days. Based on the information available, the BVRLA will provide both parties with its findings and recommendations. 

The BVRLA aims to resolve complaints through the Dispute Resolution Service within 30 days. Members must comply with the Dispute Resolution Service’s findings.