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Celebrating 8 years of VIP Group

We've been reminiscing about our time here at VIP Group and we've been looking over the memorabilia over the years. We held a feature of this on Instagram but we feel it deserves it's own blog post because 8 years is a big achievement!


We've collected MANY footballs, rugby balls, golf balls, you name it! Below are just a few of our favourite (that are still in good condition!)


Signed shirts are of course a must-have for us, and we've have millions! Okay maybe not millions, but we have A LOT. So many that we can't actually take pictures of all of them without it getting a bit overwhelming! So here's a few just to show you the types of clients we deal with!

Other Items

Sometimes we'll get the odd random item of clothing, like this Butch Harmon school of Golf hat, signed by the man himself, you never know what sort of exclusive items you can get from meeting VIP's!

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