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During 2019 we achieved many sales through the "Brand Partner" program, sourcing a mix of Vantage, DB11, and DBS models. Aston Martin are superb cars and we are hoping to achieve similar numbers in 2020, especially with the arrival of the new Aston Martin DBX. Scroll through to see some of our previously supplied cars.


For the third consecutive year the Audi VIP Scheme has been very successful. At VIP Group we have sourced more cars on the Audi VIP Scheme than any other retailer or broker within the UK. In March 2020 our Audi sales topped 60 units before we were put on lockdown! Scroll through to see some of our most popular, including the fantastic Q8.


Bentley sales have been consistently succeessful for us at VIP Group, especially since the launch of the Bentayga and New GT Continental. Many clients have requested to bespoke their Bentleys and one particular car was wrapped in red! Scroll through our Bentleys page to see more vehicles that we've supplied.



Land Rover / Range Rover are the dominant force in the SUV market and the yard stick by which every other brand is measured. A very consistent product for us and with the new relationships formed in 2019, enhanced discount levels and great stock availability we are looking forward to another successful year. Have a look at some of our previously sold cars including the sublime Range Rover Sport SVR.


Since the start of VIP group almost 10 years ago and Christian's experience of rolling out the Mercedes-Benz VIP Scheme in 2009 it continues to thrive. With Mercedes-Benz cars stockpiling we are anticipating a strong second half to the year throughout the whole Mercedes-Benz range. Scroll through to see some exceptional examples including some vary rare AMG model variants. 


As well as a wide range of luxury cars we also provide performance supercars and exotics to our clients.

Our established relationships with Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes AMG, Maserati, Ferrari and finance packages through DSG Finance and JBR Capital allow us to make your dream supercar become a reality.

Scroll through some of our previously sold cars including the fastest and most beautiful cars on the road.